Saturday, January 16, 2016

#Creative365 Days 9-15

I'm already on the second week of this challenge, and it is flying by this time! This week has centred around sewing and knitting projects, as I try to use up the larger items in my craft stash and finish things off.

On day 9 I cut out this very wintry stretch fabric to make pieces for a dress. This fabric is really warm and soft!

On day 10 I did some alterations to a charity shop skirt which had been sitting in my alterations pile for months.

Day 11 was more alterations. Sadly the delicate silk of this skirt has been pulled in lots of places, but I still think it is beautiful. It's a gorgeous shimmering periwinkle colour.

On day 12 I was able to carry on with a knitting project I've been working on for a long time, as the yarn to finish it had arrived. However, I really wasn't feeling very happy with how it was turning out. I did a few rows, then put it away to think about whether I wanted to continue.

On day 13 I started stitching the stretchy dress pieces together. I tacked it together first so that the stripes matched up, then sewed it on my sewing machine.

On day 14 I decided that I still wasn't happy with the knitting project, so I unpicked a lot of it and then started again.. It's working much better this time around.

On day 15 I decided to switch to a different knitting project, the mittens I'm working on. I'm shaping the thumb now, so they're really starting to come together!

I'm hoping to get some drawing and jewellery making in this coming week, so we shall see what the next round up holds!


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