Saturday, January 30, 2016

#Creative365 Days 24-29

So, week 3 of #Creative365 has rolled around already. I'll be honest, creativity has not been top of my agenda this week. It was a long, hard week filled with internet problems, and hours and hours and hours of tidying and clearing out my flat. My flat now looks very clean and tidy so that's great, and I still managed to get a fair amount of crafting done. Maybe I'm getting better at this creative/life balance thing.

Anyway, on day 24 I FINALLY FINISHED that giant knitting project I'd been working on for ages. Well, it still needs blocking and the ends woven in, but shush. It's a drachenschwanz, and at some point I'll do a proper post about it with pictures of me wearing it.

Apparently I still hadn't had enough of knitting because on day 25 I started another knitting project. It's a simple pattern which requires very little brain power, but will end up as warm and snuggly slippers. Win win.

I'm aiming to get through my polymer clay stash by the end of February, so on day 26 it was back to the Fimo to make some leaf pendants. I used the same eyeshadow-for-burnished-effect technique that I used on the moons from last week, and I'll be sharing a tutorial for that soon. The vein patterns were achieved by pressing a real dried leaf into the clay.

On day 27 I played around with Fimo some more and made a unicorn horn. I used glow in the dark clay for the first time on this, so I'm really intrigued to see how it comes out when it's baked.

I'm also aiming to use up lots of my fabric collection this year, so on day 28 I started cutting out this gorgeous koi fabric which I have had for years. It will become a swirly wrap around skirt, but I have to wait for the lining fabric to arrive before I can finish it.

Then on day 29 there was just enough time for a few rows of knitting on the slipper project, before I collapsed into bed.


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