Sunday, January 24, 2016

#Creative365 Days 16-23

This week of my #Creative365 challenge has been a bit strange, as I've still felt the urge to create but have struggled to come up with new ideas. This, and a desire to actually finish something, has resulted in a LOT of knitting. Plus, after a long day at work I just want to curl up on the sofa with something simple, and knitting is perfect for that.

So on day 16 I did lots of rows of knitting. I've been much happier with this project since I frogged most of it and started again. I especially like how the warm pastel rainbow colours are showing so much better now that I'm knitting shorter rows.

On day 17 I got out the polymer clay to play around with. I'd seen a beautiful crescent moon on the way home, and that definitely influenced what I made!

On day 18 I was feeling ambitious so I made candles using a kit I've had for ages. It was fun but messier than I was expecting. I still want to make candles again, and I know what I need to do to avoid so many spillages next time!

Day 19 was another knitting day. This project is very simple so it means I can watch Netflix (my current obsession is Reign) while working on it. 

On day 20 I started tentatively doing some scrapbooking. I want to keep a scrapbook of all the little adventures I go on, from walks in the woods to day trips and weekends away. I'm starting with my trip to Brighton, using all the maps, postcards, leaflets and train tickets I accumulated from that visit.

Day 21 was knitting again, after a really tiring day. I find knitting really relaxing so I often knit a few rows if I'm feeling stressed.

Day 22 was knitting once again, getting tantalisingly close to finishing!

On day 23 I worked on my polymer clay moons a little more, adding some shimmering white pigment (which is actually a mineral eyeshadow-they work really well as burnishing powders!) and attaching chains, which will have sparkly beads added to them once the polymer clay is baked.

Initially I was feeling bad about the fact that there are four pictures of the same knitting project this week, but then I had a bit of a revelation. This challenge is meant to be for me-to make me more creative, to encourage me to make time to be creative, to finish projects, start on projects I've only dreamed of so far, and use up my substantial craft supply stash. As much as I enjoy sharing this challenge with others, and I love the feedback and comments I get, worrying about my photos not being good enough or varied enough takes away from the point of this challenge. If I focus too much on pleasing other people and not showing the same project more than once, I'm going to end up with even more unfinished works in progress, and I'm going to stress myself out. So from here on I'll be concentrating on creating, finishing, and making myself happy. Even if that does mean four photos of knitting in a row. I think this is a really positive step for me!


  1. I really like the shimmer effect on your polymer clay moons. Would you mind making a tutorial on how to use eyeshadow pigments as burnishing powder? The idea is so great!

  2. I'd love to see a tutorial on that too! And a bit more about the candlemaking?
    xx Katie

  3. That wool is gorgeous! Also, the moons... <3

  4. Oh wow those polymer clay moons are looking amazing Polly and the knitting looks lovely too - the colours you chose are lovely. - Tasha