Monday, January 11, 2016

Brighton Pavilion & Gardens

I have wanted to visit the Royal Pavilion for years, and it was on my list of things to do when visiting Brighton, so I was very happy when I wandered into Pavilion Gardens by accident on my first day there. The gardens are beautiful even in winter, with lush green lawns, winding paths and very cheeky squirrels. They are also filled with wonderful buskers playing lovely music, which really adds to the atmosphere.

Brighton Pavilion fits perfectly into this serene space, looming over the gardens like a fairy tale palace.

It is an incredible piece of architecture, an elegant mishmash of styles and influences which somehow combine to make a stunning whole. There is a definite air of whimsy about the building, and I love it.

The interior is arguably even more breathtaking, but photos are not allowed. I highly recommend a visit-the opulence and craftsmanship are unimaginable.

Pavilion Gardens are dotted with old fashioned street lamps, particularly stark and striking on an overcast day.

At night when they are lit, they make the gardens look like a Narnia-esque wonderland. 

While I was visiting there was an ice rink at the Pavilion, so it was lit up at night with colourful illuminations.

The combination of the fantastic architecture, the dark winter night, the quaint street lamps and the jewel toned illuminations really made me feel like I was walking through a fantasy land. 

It was magical.

The time I spent in the Royal Pavilion and strolling in the Pavilion Gardens were some of my favourite moments from my Brighton trip, and I hope I can return. 


  1. I've always heard great things about the Brighton Pavilion. I love how it's all lit up at night - looks beautiful.