Tuesday, June 30, 2015

5 Favourite Blogs

I read a lot of blogs. They're my main reading material, especially since I decided to stop reading newspapers (extremely depressing) and magazines (full of advertising and disappointment). The blogs I have read over the years range from personal blogs with a handful of followers to glossy full time bloggers with a long list of PR contacts. It took me a long time to find a range of blogs I really love and look forward to reading, and I know with so many blogs out there it can be hard to decide which to read. So I thought I'd share five of my favourites, in the hopes you like them too.

image copyright of Rhiannon/mysenchadays

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Baby Goats Galore!

Back in the Spring one of my favourite places to visit, Windmill Hill City Farm, became home to some new born baby goats! I saw the news on their facebook page and got very excited, as I really really really love goats. Really. A lot. It scares people. Goats are just so cute, friendly and funny, and they have a lot of character. 
I made a visit to the farm as soon as I could, which was less than a week after the kids (the proper name for baby goats) were born. They were still very tiny and seemed to be spending a lot of their time sleeping. You can tell how small they were from the fact one of them was sitting in the feed bowl! Their floppy ears and tiny faces were adorable.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Red Lodge Museum

The Red Lodge Museum is tucked away on Park Row, a side street branching from the popular shopping and socialising destination of Park Street in Bristol. From the outside it looks fairly unassuming, but as soon as you enter through the small front door and descend the many stone steps into the building, it's clear that this is a very special place.

Friday, June 19, 2015

OOTD: Garden Elf

As I mentioned in my Spring Haul, I bought some elf ears, and I love them! I have been wearing them around the house quite a bit as I really like how they look. If only ear pointing wasn't so expensive and gory, sigh.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pidgin Doll Rose Red Makeup

When I joined Instagram I did what I think most people do and started looking through random photos and accounts for things I liked. I kept coming across pictures of an exquisite doll, with big soulful eyes, long eyelashes and delicate features. She appeared in many different outfits, hair colours and styles, and makeup, sometimes portraying different characters. I thought she was beautiful and I was instantly obsessed. It turned out that this doll was Pidgin Doll, dubbed "the most glamorous doll in the world", the creation of an artist named Joshua David McKenney. Out of all her incarnations, one of my favourites was the Rose Red Pidgin Doll, and I decided that as I had the right hair colour I would try to re-create her makeup.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Creative Kickstart May

The very lovely Emily from Cuttlefishlove nominated me on instagram to join her #creativekickstart challenge. So here I am! A bit late, but better late than never. Creative kickstart is a monthly challenge for people to post what has been inspiring us and keeping us creative, so that we can look back on what we've done, see what we've achieved, notice any patterns or themes, and continue to stay inspired and motivated! You can find out more in this post on Emily's blog and join in on instagram-share your pictures with the hashtag #creativekickstart.

So here is my #creativekickstart photo for May (hopefully I'll be a bit more punctual with the one for June!). Let's take a closer look at what's in the photo...

 I'm always quite obsessed with miniature things, but lately even more than usual. I've been wanting to incorporate miniatures into some photographs and I have a series of themed photos I want to try to take. I found this miniature tea set I've had for years and cleaned it up, and I think it's going to be perfect for one of the scenes I have in mind!

 I've been spending some time in my garden, and in the woods. Ideally I'd like to spend a lot more time in nature, but for now I just have to enjoy the time I do get. I find nature endlessly inspiring and relaxing. 

 I've started watercolour painting and I'm really enjoying it so far. I'm just experimenting and seeing the different effects I can get, and I'm pretty excited to see where this goes. I have been painting from photographs and observation to start off with, but I'd like to do some fantasy paintings soon, and more things from my imagination. I love using aqua brushes to paint with as I find them easy to control and less messy than traditional brushes, and I'm using up some very ancient tubes of paint, which feels good. I recently bought some masking fluid so I can get even more effects in my paintings.

 I find crystals fascinating, from both a geological viewpoint and a new age-y crystal healing viewpoint. They are also incredibly beautiful, and I've felt very inspired by them recently. I would like to use crystalline shapes in some of my artwork and crafts, and also incorporate actual crystals into some of the things I make.

 Deer are always a very meaningful symbol for me, and they have a lot of very positive associations in many cultures. I am quite obsessed with deer at all times, but they've been a little absent from my creative life recently. In the last month they seem to have started creeping back in, and I have ideas for many deer-inspired makes. I'm taking this as a good sign! 

What has inspired you recently?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Walking in Leigh Woods

Although I have known where Leigh Woods were for years, I had never actually been into them until I decided to see Luke Jerram's Withdrawn installation. Stepping through the gates to the woodland, I was greeted by tall, imposing trees, silhouetted against the bright sunlight. The path rose up before me, and there were the sounds of animals-birds singing, squirrels skittering through the undergrowth-all around. Exposed rock faces reminded me that I was still in the Avon Gorge, despite the lush foliage.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Withdrawn | Luke Jerram | Leigh Woods

Walking through the beautiful Leigh Woods I came across an eerily magical sight. Boats, peeking out through the trees, as if they were sailing across an earthen sea.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Handmade Stag Knitting Bag

After my yarn had become unfathomably tangled to many times to count, it became clear that I needed a knitting bag. I already had some plastic bag handles lying around, so I made a little bag with some stag print cotton fabric I had in my craft stash. I thought the colours of the print went well with the handles, and I always like anything with deer on!

Monday, June 01, 2015

Collective Spring Haul

I think by now we have probably established that I'm a big fan of charity shops. In fact, most of my shopping that isn't boring essentials is done in charity shops! I do occasionally venture into "normal" shops though, whether online or in person, and I thought you might like to see what I've been buying this Spring. So here is a collective haul of everything I have bought new in the last few months.