Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What I Bought In Brighton | Mushrooms

Almost everything I bought in Brighton fit into two themes-mushrooms and mermaids. To start with the mushroom theme, I bought these glass mushroom tree ornaments from Tiger. I have wanted some of these for years, but this was the first time I found some I could afford.

I also got these glass mushroom ornaments on clips. I think both these and the hanging mushroom ornaments will end up being on display all year round.

I got a box of these mushroom pics because I always find them useful for craft projects. If I get round to making a wreath this year I will add some of these. Again, these were from Tiger.

My final Tiger purchase was this mushroom shaped pencil sharpener. The mushroom cap is an eraser! Although I doubt I'll be using it to rub anything out, because it looks too cute as it is.

I got this wonderful mushroom ribbon in Brighton Sewing Centre. I love how some of the markings on the mushrooms are little flowers and hearts!

Finally, in a fit of uncharacteristic festive spirit, I bought a tiny pine tree from a homewares shop I've forgotten the name of. Amazingly, it survived the journey home in one piece!


  1. Oooh lovely haul, I do love Tiger, I always have to restrain myself when going in there in fear of going bankrupt!

    1. Me too, they have too many pretty things!