Thursday, December 03, 2015

Farewell To Autumn

At the end of November I took some time to revel in the last fragments of autumn, crunching through leaves...

and finding the last shreds of colour on the almost bare branches.

I watched squirrels burying food for the coming winter, and fighting over nut supplies.

I realised how much I associate each season with different colours. Autumn has so many shades of red, from crimson to rust.

Then there are the yellows, the golden leaves of gingko and acer glowing like trapped sunlight.

I could feel that the change into winter would come soon.  There was a certain stillness. A feeling of everything slowing down. The earth entering slumber.

Already, scant days later, winter is here, with its soft pearly greys, whites,  blues, and lavenders. The radiant ginkgo leaves have disappeared, returning to the ground. The sky is grey and blank and glowing. I am ready to enjoy this new season.


  1. Beautiful!! I love the feel that these photo's give me
    Jade x