Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Georgian Garden In Autumn

The Georgian Garden is a sweet little walled garden, open to the public, and planted to re-create the formal gardens of the Georgian period. It's a lovely place to spend a few quiet moments, as it is quite tucked away. I like to pop in between museum visits or shopping, if I'm in the area. As it is completely enclosed, and I have never seen anyone else in there, it feels a bit like stepping into another world, or the pages of a storybook.

Although I wouldn't personally have a formal garden, I do admire the neat planting and evergreen hedges. The garden looks beautiful all year round, but I like it in autumn when it gets a little more wild looking. Even formal planting can't contend with scattered autumn leaves and trailing nasturtiums!

For a relatively small garden, there is a lot of colour and variety. The rose bushes had sprouted these interesting spiky rosehips, which were a gorgeous scarlet hue.

The nasturtiums were a beautiful rusty orange, which really stood out against the dark box hedges. 

A few zesty, golden green leaves were clinging to the branches of a shrub.

Even weak autumn sunlight illuminates limestone beautifully, giving it a soft golden glow. I felt this window had a bit of a fairy tale air about it, with all the tendrils of the climbing plant growing across the window panes! 

After my tranquil stroll around the garden, I was ready to be on my way. I took a final look at the garden, and stepped through the gate, out of this quiet little piece of history and back into the busy streets.

If you want to visit the Georgian Garden, you can find the details here.


  1. I must search out this little oasis when next in Bath