Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mini Art Haul

I love having interesting, beautiful images on my walls, and now that I'm past the phase of papering my walls with magazine pages, I've been keeping an eye out for lovely artwork.

I was really happy to find MyFairPixel's shop, as her art style is exactly my cup of tea, and her prints are very affordable. I love the intense yet dreamy colours she uses, the hints of fantasy and the cosmic influences. I bought two of her nebula prints, and I'm amazed by the quality of them. The colours are really strong and they look like originals! The blue one is currently up on my bedroom wall, and the purple one is just waiting for a suitable frame. MyFairPixel also has a gorgeous blog.

I was very lucky to find this stunning silk painting of a landscape, already framed, for a very reasonable price in a charity shop. Coincidentally it was painted the year I was born! I find the image very calming, and I like the colours. I also like that the landscape is quite mysterious-it could be anywhere from Japan to Scotland. 

I recently popped into a hidden gem of an exhibition being held by Bath Textile Artists at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution. The works on show were inspired by the Institution's collections, so there were lots of pieces based on local maps, fossils, and shells. I loved the work on display but it was a little out of my price range, so I contented myself by buying postcards. I think postcards can make great wall art if you can't afford to buy originals or prints, and they can easily be framed. I also picked up some of the most beautiful business cards I've ever seen. The maps postcard is by Nina Davis, and the colourful postcard and architecture business card are by Barbara Butler. You can find out more about Bath Textile Artists on their website.

I really want to get more art up on my walls but I still have a few prints and some of my own work to frame, so I should probably hold off buying any more for a while!


  1. This is a really nice art haul. I've discovering and collecting artwork from independent artists lately might steal your idea and do a post.

    1. Yes do it! I'd love to see what you've been collecting.