Sunday, November 01, 2015

#Inktober | Days 22-31

Inktober is over! I'm not sure how to feel about this. One the one hand it is a relief, but I think I'm going to miss the discipline of knowing I need to draw every day. For the final ten days of Inktober I was feeling like I wasn't producing anything remotely good, so maybe it is time for a break...but looking back at these now I'm pleasantly surprised!

Day 22 was a deer silhouette, because I'm still very much in love with the paper cut silhouette work of Jan Pienkowski, and I think we have all realised my obsession with deer by now. I like how dark and fairytale-esque it turned out.

Continuing with the fairytale feeling, I used day 23 to practice drawing mysterious towers surrounded by tangled vines. Architecture is not something I usually draw, but I definitely want to incorporate more fantasy structures into some of my work.

On day 25 I got the coloured inks out and worked on some fantasy crystals (which really didn't photograph well thanks to terrible lighting, sorry about that). I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, and it was a useful exercise for learning where to put the facets to make realistic looking shapes. 

On day 25 I was very inspired by a stained glass window Jane Brocket had featured on her blog. I wanted to draw something with a similar style to stained glass, and this autumnal page was the result. I really like this, and I think this kind of imagery would make a great fabric design or embroidery pattern. I might have to develop it further...

I was still thinking about the stained glass style on day 26, and produced a page of simplified fungi. It was fun to break out all the colours for days 25 and 26! 

People are something I need A LOT of practice drawing. I took the opportunity to do this quick sketch of a lady on day 27. She turned out looking quite Modigliani inspired!

I enjoyed filling up a page with drawings on days 25 and 26, so I did the same with sea shells on day 29. It turns out I rather like drawing shells! 

On day 30 I decided to go wherever my pen took me, and ended up with this stag surrounded by pattern. 

On day 31 I felt it was only right to draw something Samhain/Halloween themed, as it was the 31st of October. I especially like the smoke coming out of the cauldron-any excuse for silver metallic pen is good in my book.

As a bonus, I drew the witch deer I joked about in my last Inktober post. She's a little more elegant and haughty than her goat witch friend.

Overall, Inktober was a hugely positive experience for me. I feel much more confident with my art skills, it has made me realise I need to make time for creativity, and I have lots of ideas for more work. Now, onto the next challenge!

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  1. I love all these drawings. It makes me want to pull out my pens and paper!

    - Courtney

  2. I love the day 30 deer. I reall need to find time to start sketching again.