Monday, November 09, 2015

Crafting365 | Days 29-35

I've struggled with motivation for days 29-35 of #Crafting365, and I think not having the structure of doing my Inktober drawing and then my crafting has thrown me a bit. I think one of the problems is that I don't always plan my projects first and tend to jump straight in. I'll be spending more time planning and sketching ideas in future, hopefully it will help!

On day 29 I worked on my Den Tree doll. I'm starting with the face, and experimented with different eye colours. I still wasn't happy with how it was turning out though.

I wasn't really feeling very crafty on day 30, so all I did was wash the water erasable pen out of my deer embroidery. I loved doing that though, it was like magic! Or like when everyone got those erasable pens at school, the ones which had a pen nib and a clear nib which "rubbed out" what you'd written. I want to write people secret, water erasable notes on vintage napkins now...

On day 31 I put the finished(!!!!!!) deer embroidery into a smaller hoop, to act as a frame, and started gathering the loose fabric on the back. 

On day 32 it was time to revisit the Den Tree doll and work out what was bothering me about the eyes. I decided to go for a darker brown, make them much bigger and put some dots underneath, like in the pattern suggestions. I want my doll to look somewhere between a human and an animal, quite faun-like. I think big, slightly eerie eyes will help give this effect.

On day 33 I started sewing some felt onto the back of the deer embroidery to cover all the ends and the gathered fabric. It makes a nice smooth surface, so that the hoop frame will sit flat against the wall when hung.

On day 34 I finished sewing on the felt backing. So that's another finished project! I'll do a reveal post soon.

On day 35 I started playing with some dark, black and blue hued fabrics. This is a project I really hope turns out well! 


  1. Really interested to see what the project for day 35 involves, looks exciting (or did I miss that already?)

  2. Wow, looks great. You're a lot more productive than me. I've been sick this week so I haven't even got a blog post up, can't concentrate on photo editing. I can't wait to see how your projects turn out..