Monday, November 02, 2015

#Crafting365 | Days 22-28

On day 22 I finished the first layer of shells on my shell picture frame. I also stuck some more rhinestones onto this very sparkly treasure chest.

Day 23 and 24: I forgot to take a photo on day 23 but I finished the rest of the flowers on my deer embroidery. Then on day 24 I started on the eyes. And unpicked the eyes. And started on the eyes again. And unpicked the eyes. And started on the eyes again.

On day 25 I needed something simple so I did a few more rows on my knitting project.

On day 26 I managed to stitch the eyes and not immediately unpick them. I also finished the other facial details of the deer. So all the embroidery needs now is a hoop to frame it, and some finishing on the back.

On day 27 I added a second layer of shells to my shell frame, and it is now finished! Can't wait to get my Sibylline mermaid print into it.

On day 28 I made a very tentative start on a Den Tree monster doll. Again I can't decide on an eye colour or shape. Eyes seem to be my nemesis this week!


  1. My nemesis has always been noses. I can never get them right!

    - Courtney

  2. Sparkly treasure chest? So pretty.