Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Autumnal Haul

To be honest, I tend to buy pretty autumnal looking things all year round, as I like colourful things and leaf motifs. But I seem to have bought especially seasonal items recently, so I thought I'd share.

First up are these gorgeous maple leaf earrings. I don't have my ears pierced so these are clip ons. I was surprised to find these because they're quite simple, and clip on earrings always seem to be a little OTT. I really like the colours of these and I love their backstory-they had a price sticker on the back which said "Niagara Falls", so they were obviously bought as a souvenir on someone's holiday. You can see me wearing these in this post.

Autumn is definitely the time for chai, and this year I have extended my chai obsession to my lip balm. This is actually my second tube of the Sweet Chai Tea lip balm from Lavera, and I love it. I just wish they had more chai scented products!

I adore this necklace and I'm so glad I found it. Unsurprisingly, I like anything mermaid-y, but a lot of mermaid themed items seem to be very summery. This necklace has a pretty seashell shaped bead, so fits my mermaid preferences, but is in subtle autumnal colours. Perfect! I also like the S shaped clasp, it makes it really easy to do up. 

This unusual vase has the imprints of chestnut leaves and looks like it has been handmade. It's so beautiful. It is currently playing host to some pretty chrysanthemums. 

I thought this wooden box looked like something from a fairytale, with the unusual shape and the natural wood. 

I have been wearing this scarf almost every day since I got it, it's just so me. I like all the intense colours, and it is very soft.

This necklace caught my eye due to the semi precious stones on the pendant, and the unusual chain. I have been wearing it a lot, and again it has the S shaped clasp style I like.

Finally, a pretty and very mori style jug. With the leaf pattern and the faux bois effect, I just had to have it. 

What is your favourite item from my autumnal haul?

Everything except the lipbalm (which can be found here) was thrifted.


  1. Aww, I love the earrings! I agree about clip-ons, they do tend to be really OTT (I used to collect clip-ons before I became brave enough to have my ears pierced as an adult...) :S

    I'm mad about autumn colours too, I try to wear them year-round because my hair/skin tone loves them :) It seems that they suit you best, too!

    The thrifting seems really good in Bristol, lovely post! <3

    1. Thanks! Yes I think with my hair colour, autumn colours work well for me :)

  2. These are beautiful finds! I especially love the necklace, which is both mermaid-like and autumnal.

    1. Thanks! Yes I'm so happy I found that necklace. So much mermaid themed stuff is all pastel colours, and I prefer more intense colours generally. I love your username by the way!