Sunday, November 15, 2015

Autumn Walk

Unfortunately this year I haven't managed to find time to get to the woods for a walk among the autumn leaves, which makes me sad. I have however managed to squeeze in a few walks in parks, which are also filled with beautiful autumn colours.

I like the gentle gradient of green to gold when the leaves first start to turn. It's especially stunning in the sunlight.

I love crunching in the leaves! There is something so satisfying about it.

There is an abundance of berries everywhere this year, and I like the bright splashes of colour they provide. I'm especially fascinated by the (very poisonous) yew berries, which are an intriguing shape and almost translucent. When the light shines on them they appear to glow. They look very striking against the dark yew foliage. I feel like these berries might provide inspiration for some craft projects, and they made their way into one of my Inktober drawings.

I find chestnut trees beautiful all year round, but the contrast between the dark trunks and the soft golden leaves of autumn is particularly pleasing. 

The fallen chestnut leaves look like they have been delicately painted with watercolours. 

I'm still hoping to squeeze in a longer walk in the woods before the last of the leaves fall from the trees. I miss my time in nature!


  1. Yay, autumn! I love that picture of the yew berries especially, they really do look like they're glowing! That looks like a pretty scarf you're wearing, too (can just see the end of it in the boots photo) :)

  2. I really like the first picture, raindrops on leaves and flowers are favourite of mine. Haven't been on many autumnal walks this year, the weather has been a bit rubbish down here.