Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Night Sky Fox Paper Doll

Quite a while ago I took part in a paper doll swap on facebook, which brought my attention to this fox paper doll printable created by Mister Finch for Anthropologie. Sadly it's no longer available, but I had printed more copies than I needed for the swap and still had some laying around. I decided to decorate another of them, using a different theme than the one I made for the swap, which was mori themed.

As the fox is covered in stars, it wasn't a giant leap (see what I did there) to make him night sky themed. With my design in mind, I masked out all the stars and areas I wanted to keep white with masking fluid. Masking fluid is my new favourite thing.

Then I got out the watercolours, and went wild with all the blues I had in my paintbox. I also added some washes of deep crimson and black.

Next it was time to peel off all the dried masking fluid, revealing the prisitine white paper beneath. 

I filled in the stars, tummy and insides of the ears with metallic silver marker, and also added lots of little silver dots.

After cutting out the pieces and fixing them together with paper fasteners, my night sky fox was finished. I think he looks rather fabulous!


  1. What a cute and crafty idea!
    I'm hopeless at anything artistic but I know a few people who would love doing something like this so I will have to pass it on to them.

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