Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Inktober 2015 | Days 1-7

Last year, I saw loads of pictures on Tumblr tagged "Inktober". Intrigued, I looked up what it was, and found that it was a drawing challenge for the month of October-produce a piece of artwork, using ink, every day for the 31 days of the month. I really wanted to take part this year, so I bought a brush pen in preparation, and braced myself for a lot of drawing. So far I've found it a really good creative boost, and stating on social media that I was taking part has made me ensure I do a piece each day and don't slack off. It's actually pretty good for me to have that discipline, knowing that each evening I need to sit down, put on my headphones, and create.

Anyway, on to the drawings! 

This was my drawing from day 1. I find stylised mushrooms/toadstools quite easy to draw, so I thought that would ease me into the challenge. I added a background of crystals for added fantasy-ness, and to stop it being too easy. I used my brush pen for this, having only done one quick doodle with t beforehand. I really like it, and it seems to work well with my drawing style. It's the Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen.

On day 2 I saw a sunflower growing in the street, so I took it as a sign I should draw one. Again, I used the Pentel brush pen. I liked experimenting a bit with getting thinner and thicker lines.

On day 3 I wanted to do something completely different, so I tested out my masking fluid. It's meant to be for use with watercolour, but I find it works really well with ink too! I wanted to try out an idea I've had for a while, of making the markings on a fawn look like a night sky. I think it came out really well, and I'll probably frame this piece and put it up. I used bottled inks and a paintbrush for most of the fawn, and Staedtler Triplus Roller pens for some of the details.

On day 4 I was in an inexplicably bad mood, so I decided to keep it simple and draw more toadstools with my beloved brush pen. Although being creative calms me, putting too much pressure on myself just stresses me out.

On day 5 I was inspired by this Tumblr post on Japanese manhole covers, and wanted to experiment with the same flat, almost woodblock style of image. I used a black Tinge marker pen from The Works. I really like the chestnut leaves on the left side.

On day 6 I decided to draw one of my favourite things, a goat! This is actually one of the goats at Windmill Hill City Farm. I worked from a photo I took, and again used my brush pen...I just love using it!

For my final Inktober image of the week, I was very inspired by the Jan Pienkowski illustrations in The Kingdom Under The Sea , which I think are actually paper cuts. I drew a silhouetted mermaid with the black Tinge marker pen from The Works, and filled in the background with dots of masking fluid, washes of bottled inks and splashes of water to create a watery effect. I like how it came out, and I managed to draw hands which don't look completely terrible! 

So overall I think that was a pretty successful first week of Inktober. As I go on with the challenge I'm hoping to experiment more and add more fantasy influences. Which of my Inktober pieces is your favourite so far?


  1. These are all gorgeous! I struggle with drawing. I tend to be such a perfectionist that I have to be in the right mindset. I love this inktober idea though! I may try to join in, but probably won't post mine!
    I love the deer and the mermaid ones!
    xoxo, Kathy

    1. Thank you! Yes I used to have the same problem, but I'm coming to terms with the fact that not everything I draw will be perfect. I think the deer and the mermaid ones are going to get framed and go up on my walls! My boyfriend likes them too :)

  2. The deer and the mermaid are beautiful! :D

  3. I love all the toadstools and the starry deer drawing is absolutely amazing!! I love that image - it's so dreamy.

    - Courtney

    1. Thank you! I want to do more starry drawings, so I think there will be more on the blog in future :)