Monday, October 26, 2015

Crafting365 | Days 15-21

It has been 3 weeks of #Crafting365 already! I made a goal of focusing on finishing projects rather than flitting between lots of unfinished projects, and I've really stuck to that this week. The only project I've focused on is the deer embroidery I started in my last #Crafting365 post, and it has paid off. I'm so close to finishing it!

Day 15: I finished the mountains, stitched little trees at the feet of the mountains, and stitched a lovely red and white toadstool. The toadstools were one of the reasons I picked this project, I love them! I also picked out colours for all the flowers which will be stitched around the edges, and started on a couple of flowers.

Day 16: I worked on some more flowers, and decided to change some of the stitches from the original pattern. I just can't seem to follow a pattern exactly! I like these lazy daisy and French knot flowers though, they remind me a little of echinacea flowers. I like my embroideries to have lots of texture, so French knots are one of my favourite stitches.

Day 17: I started on another toadstool. The toadstools are quite time consuming, lots of satin stitch which needs to be very smooth. with each stitch perfectly placed.

Day 18: The toadstool was finally finished! I tried to make the stalk look shaggy, like the stalks on real amanita toadstools. I really like the look of these! I also added more flowers. 

Day 19: More flowers, and more bumpy textured centres.

Day 20: I worked on some of the flowers at the top of the embroidery. I'm adding in lots of reds and purples, because I like those colours best.

Day 21: After quite a bit of stitching, this is how the embroidery is looking now. Not much left to do! Hopefully it will be finished by the next #Crafting365 post. 

The embroidery I'm working on is from a pattern by Kirsty Neale for Mollie Makes issue 56.

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  1. Oh my word this is gorgeous! I'm jealous of your embroidery skills, I can never get the hang of it myself. Can't wait to see it finished.