Tuesday, August 18, 2015

OOTD: Blue Grey

As much as I try, I'm still struggling to get outfit shots where I look vaguely normal. It's partly the choice of locations available to me-cramped attic bedroom with sloped ceilings, or garden where the neighbours stare at me-and partly my complete inability to look at a camera at the right moment or hold my arms in a relaxed pose. But still, I like doing outfit posts, and I'm determined to keep doing them, despite the fact that in every photo in this post I seem to be looking at the (dirty) floor.

Seriously, what is so interesting about the floor? 

Anyway, I realised that most of my previous outfit posts have been days that I was at home and had time to dress up and put on makeup and elf ears and jewellery. I thought I'd show you a more relaxed outfit, so here is something that I wore to work.

My work is dirty and dusty and physically demanding, so I need to wear things which allow movement and wash easily. I always wear these Dunlops-which-look-like-Converse, and that grey cardigan is also a staple. In an attempt to liven up all the grey I went for this loose (thanks to being too big for me) but extremely comfortable knitted dress in a lovely bluebell shade. I also added grey rose print tights. It ended up being reasonably practical but also pretty enough to brighten up my day. I didn't wear my hair loose like in these photos, I keep it plaited for work-but I've developed an end of shift ritual of unbraiding my hair and letting it flow loose. It's a good symbol of the cut off point between work time and me time.

What am I even doing here? Why am I still looking at the floor? Whatever, my legs look good.

Outfit rundown:

Cardigan- Primark via charity shop
Dress- F&F at Tesco via charity shop
Tights- gift
Shoes- Dunlop via charity shop


  1. I like this! It's nice to see a "regular" outfit on my blog feed for once! It's hard to remember sometimes that not everybody I know dresses up every day. And my outfit photos are the same - always some junk in the background, and the mirror never seems to be clean enough, argh! Your room looks really nice and light too, btw :D

    1. Thanks! Yes I'm trying to show more normal actual life stuff and not get sucked into the instagram perfect thing. I do dress up a lot, but everyone has "regular" days! Thanks, it's an attic room with skylights so it is pretty light, but I actually had to edit these photos to make them brighter because I took them in the evening XD I should hopefully *crosses fingers* be moving soon, so my outfit photos should improve. If all goes to plan I will have a garden and ACTUAL FULL HEIGHT CEILING-ED ROOMS to take photos in!

  2. I like your outfit - it looks nice and comfy for everyday wear. I see that it nearly all came from a charity shop - the main source of my clothes. I love doing weekly posts on my bargains!

    I have the same trouble posing - my daughter is my main photographer and she is always telling me off for standing awkwardly!

    1. I think most of my wardrobe comes from charity shops now! Glad I'm not alone in the posing!

  3. This post is so cute, it made me laugh!
    I like your idea of unbraiding your hair at the end of the work day. I have done it a couple of times before, not really thinking about it, and it feels so good. I should do it all the time! (I love your hair colour too, by the way).