Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mermaid Treasures

Recently I have felt the need to express my true mermaid nature by surrounding myself with suitably aquatic treasures. First came the seashell tea set I have been eyeing for years. A few weeks later I finally caved and bought this print from Sibylline, after falling in love with the image on her Instagram. I can't resist a red haired mermaid, I can't think why...

Coincidentally, the same day my Sibylline print arrived in the post, I found this gorgeous shell dish in a charity shop for £1! It's vintage and silver plated, although the plate has worn off in a few spots and it is generally a little worn. I still think it is beautiful though, and I'm so happy I found it.

My sea shell tea set needed mermaid appropriate tea spoons to accompany it, so I ordered these swirly tea spoons with shells and starfish motifs. To be honest they are not particularly practical or well made, but they do look very pretty.

Another purchase to go with the tea set was this shell shaped tea strainer, which is simple and pretty. I really want to have a mermaid tea party now!

My final, wonderful find in this magical mermaid treasure hunt was this unusual Coalport pot. It is shell shaped and delicate and lovely, and was another bargain charity shop find. I love it!


  1. All these things are so pretty <3 I bet you feel like a real mermaid when you use them!

    (And you should know that every time I'm out and I see something mermaid themed I say "I should get that for Polly!" ;) If I had the money to buy and ship everything I see, you'd probably have a mermaid themed house by now...)

    1. Thank you! I am the same with mori stuff, I am always seeing things and thinking "Kathryn would love that!".

      I got a dressing table a few weeks ago so I'm working on getting all my mermaid stuff set up on it, I think it's going to look pretty :)