Monday, August 31, 2015

Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2015

A few weekends ago I went to Bristol Balloon Fiesta, an annual free event that takes place at the beautiful Ashton Court. The Balloon Fiesta has been steadily gathering more publicity and more visitors over the last few years, and this year it was even trending on Facebook! So it was very, very busy, and the traffic getting into Bristol was AWFUL. After an age sat in traffic jams, we finally parked and were greeted by the beautiful sight of balloons drifting over the rooftops.

Some of my favourites were the adorable penguin shaped hot air balloons. I'd been hoping to spot them after seeing photos on Twitter, so I was very happy to be greeted by them as we arrived!

I think Bristol is a wonderful place to view hot air balloons, it already has a very interesting skyline so the balloons just add something extra.

After that we made our way to the Nightglow event, where tethered hot air balloons were inflated and then lit up in time to music. Seeing these huge balloons being inflated so close by was a pretty awe inspiring sight, and watching them light up was magical. 

I got to see the other balloon I had hoped to spot, the Power Rangers balloon! I was obsessed with the Power Rangers TV series when I was a child so this was quite nostalgic. I will admit I took rather a lot of pictures of it...

The event finished with a spectacular firework display, which was one of the best I've ever seen. It was probably my favourite part of the whole event! I also filmed it, so you can see most of the display for yourself in the video below.

Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to the Balloon Fiesta. Though I think I might be watching from a nearby hilltop to avoid the traffic next year!


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