Monday, July 20, 2015

Tree Stump Pincushion

I love nature themes and especially anything red and white toadstool themed, so when I found myself in need of a new pincushion I knew exactly what to make! The Felt Tree Stump Pincushion from Bugs and Fishes, written by i Manufatti.

I made a couple of small changes from the original tutorial. I didn't add the face to the tree stump, as I didn't want to be stabbing pins into something with a sweetly smiling face. I also used French knots to make the white dots on the toadstools, rather than sewing on felt dots. I really like the effect the French knots have so I'm pleased I deviated a bit.

I think the resulting pin cushion is very cute and a little bit mori. It's a very effective pin cushion but I think it would also make a very pretty decoration. You could even scale up the pattern to make a cushion!

I'm really pleased I made this! I like having practical items which are also visually pleasing, and this makes me happy every time I use it.


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