Thursday, July 09, 2015

Creative Kickstart June

Once again I am taking part in the #creativekickstart challenge, started by Emily from CuttlefishLove. Creative kickstart is a monthly challenge for people to post what has been inspiring us and keeping us creative, so that we can look back on what we've done, see what we've achieved, notice any patterns or themes, and continue to stay inspired and motivated! You can find out more in this post on Emily's blog and join in on instagram-share your pictures with the hashtag #creativekickstart.

So what's in my picture for June?

 I started a new job recently and have found myself with a lot less time to be creative. I've started setting up and photographing small collections of objects, making little scenes and pleasing combinations. It's less time consuming and messy than trying to start crafting in the evening, and the summer evenings mean I still have light for taking pictures. I've also been enjoying sharing photos on Instagram, especially as I finally worked out how to get higher quality pictures from my camera onto my phone! In June my photo of my Pidgin Doll inspired makeup was shared on the Pidgin Doll Instagram account, CuttlefishLove shared my Creative Kickstart image from May, and Lilly Piri shared an image I'd taken of her zine. So that was a really great response, and made me feel like my photos must be pretty ok! 

 I watched a wonderful nature documentary series about the different Japanese islands, and I found it really inspiring, both creatively and in thinking about places I would like to travel. Japan is home to many Sika deer which I love, and I dream of visiting Nara to see the deer which wander the city. There were many other incredible animals and plants featured in the documentary, but I have to admit the deer were my favourite. I've always loved natural motifs like leaves and animals, and these are common themes in Japanese art and in Japanese textiles, so I own a lot of Japanese fabrics and papers. I'm now inspired to pull them out again! I also want to try creating my own motifs inspired by Japanese nature, perhaps through embroidery or drawing.

 I made these rainbow toadstools in June, and I felt quite drawn to rainbow colours throughout the whole month. I think rainbows look very cheerful and happy and a bit magical, and they're so pretty! Plus it was Pride in June so my social media was suddenly flooded with rainbow coloured pictures.

Lilly Piri
 I've known about Lilly Piri's art for years and have coveted the zine which was printed of her work. I finally bought myself the zine as a treat for getting my job, and it is stunning. I feel very inspired by her soft colours, surreal elements and of course all the fawns! It makes me want to work on my coloured pencil shading and blending, and also introduce more whimsical elements to my artwork. Most of my previous artwork has been based on real things, but Lilly Piri's combination of images of real animals with unrealistic, almost fantasy tinged objects or situations really makes me want to do something a bit more fantastical.

Realising creativity comes in many forms
 I've always measured how creative I've been in how many physical objects I have made. At the moment I just don't have time to complete craft or art projects very often, and it's been difficult to come to terms with. I'm realising that being creative doesn't necessarily mean creating an object. Taking photos, writing blog posts, sharing photos on Tumblr or Instagram, singing, designing things in my notebook, putting outfits together, makeup, all count as creativity! I used the Swarovski stars to represent this change in attitude-I've had them for months and have been feeling bad for not making jewellery with them, but I've realised I like using them as photo props, and it's fine for them to stay as they are for now.

What inspired you in June?


  1. I really LOVE that creativity can be anything. I often get stuck thinking it has to be a complete craft/art project and feel guilty for not having enough time for it.

    1. Yeah I think we all need to remind ourselves of this! It can just be hard to look back and realise what you've done sometimes unless you have a physical object to show for it.

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  3. Brilliant post!! I used to always think being creative meant drawing/painting/crafts and really arty stuff but since blogging I've realised that there's so much more to it. It can be so therapeutic too! I'll definitely check out Japanese artwork, I love art from different cultures. Really inspiring post, thanks for this!! Hope you're having a great day!

    -Nabeela xo