Monday, June 01, 2015

Collective Spring Haul

I think by now we have probably established that I'm a big fan of charity shops. In fact, most of my shopping that isn't boring essentials is done in charity shops! I do occasionally venture into "normal" shops though, whether online or in person, and I thought you might like to see what I've been buying this Spring. So here is a collective haul of everything I have bought new in the last few months.

This cute Bambi necklace set was reduced to half price, and with my love of deer I had to get it. Apart from loving The Little Mermaid, I'm not actually a massive Disney fan, but Bambi is just so cute! I thought the illustration on the packaging was a nice touch too. I don't have pierced ears so I'm going to have to give the earrings to someone who will wear them.

I've been using Waitrose Pure products for a while now and I really like them, so when I saw they had a special offer on some products from the range I snapped a couple up. I desperately needed this eye makeup remover because I shamefully had none whatsoever, and I am always in need of a good body butter as I get dry skin. The Pure range is mostly derived from natural ingredients and has mostly recyclable packaging. It is also cruelty free-in fact Waitrose were recently awarded the Leaping Bunny logo for their own brand products. This all makes me very happy! 

I still had a Boots gift card left over from Christmas so I bought a few products from their Botanics range. I did some searching online and found a few blog posts claiming Botanics products were cruelty free, which I'm really hoping is true. 

I needed a new mascara so I got this one from Collection, who are cruelty free. It's very effective and I like the wand, the only thing I'm not keen on is the bright pink packaging!

I want to try to get some fantasy themed photos done over the summer while the weather is nice, so I bought some elf ears. They slot really well over my actual ears and stay put without any adhesive, and I love them! I've been wearing them around the house and rarely want to take them off.

I ordered two different fancy dress seashell bras on eBay to play around with for the mermaid costume I want to make. They were very cheap so I won't feel bad experimenting with them-I plan to completely transform them!

I also got a couple of pairs of fake antlers, which will probably be made into headbands. I think they're quite realistic and they feel fuzzy which I like. I would like to get some real antlers eventually but these will do for now!

I got this little dolls house table for a project I have in mind involving miniatures. I'm not sure whether to leave it as it is or embellish it a bit...we'll see.

I got some more Fimo polymer clay to play with in different effects-translucent white, glow in the dark, pearl white (which I thought would be good for mermaid stuff) and marble effect. I also got a green metallic and granite effect, but I've already opened and used those so they don't look so photogenic!

I recently decided to learn watercolour painting, so I bought some masking fluid to try out different techniques. I'm really looking forward to trying this! It masks out any areas which will be staying white, and is great if you want to make use of negative space in your painting.

My clear out has reached a point where I can buy fabric again (in moderation) so I got some swimwear fabric to make myself a swimming costume. 

I also got some extremely cute red and white toadstool polycotton, which I wish I had bought more of, some brown and white dotted fleece to finish a project I'm working on, and some stretchy knit fabric in a Nordic inspired print. All three of these are more autumn/winter themed really but I couldn't resist them.

Finally I picked up some cheap and cheerful geraniums from my local Co-op. They haven't got any flowers yet but I don't mind as even the leaves smell lovely! I am looking forward to having some bright blooms in future though.

What was your favourite thing from my haul?


  1. Hey, I love the elf ears! I want to get some too, but for becoming a Hobbit, rather than an elf :) <3

    Also, be careful with the masking fluid and wash your brushes well after use with soapy water - it will clog the bristles, and it's impossible to get out if it dries like that (though I still ruined some brushes anyway even though I washed them, so probably better to buy some cheap kids' paintbrushes to use with it, just to be safe).

  2. I love that photo of with with the elven ears and the flower crown, so cool and pretty and the Bambi necklace is adorable. Charity shops are amazing for hidden treasures. - Tasha

  3. You sure have a lot of wonderful things going on! I do love all your new things! That bambi necklace is so cute and awesome that you got it at half price! Your antlers will go perfectly with it! :) Waitrose Pure sounds like a great brand and I love to hear that they used natural ingredients!


  4. Ah geraniums are always a favorite of mine. I actually love the smell of tomato plants :)