Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spring Flowers at Windmill Hill City Farm

City farms are of course a great place to see cute farm animals and pet friendly goats, but it can be easy to forget that some of them are also full of plants and flowers! Windmill Hill City Farm is a particularly lovely place to see flowers, herbs and vegetables, as it has beautiful allotments and a small but magical wildlife garden, in addition to the beds used to grow vegetables for the on site cafe.

When I visited on a gloriously sunny Spring day, there were a wealth of gorgeous blooms, including blush pink apple blossoms, richly coloured and scented wallflowers, and both the usual blue and less often seen white variants of Spanish bluebells.

The edges of the allotments were planted with vibrantly coloured tulips, which looked like they were glowing in the sunshine!

It was lovely to connect with nature and see all the very welcome splashes of colour. I love how this beautiful and relaxing green space is tucked away in a corner of a busy city. It makes me very happy.

If you would like to visit Windmill Hill City Farm, you can find details on their

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  1. Spring is so beautiful and colourful ♥

    Lovely photos! :)