Saturday, May 30, 2015

Painting Outdoors With Watercolours

One of my aims for this year was to do more drawing and painting, and I wanted to try to master some new techniques. I'd never really got the hang of watercolour, but after seeing many beautiful examples of watercolour painting online I was determined to give it another go! So one sunny afternoon I headed outside with my messy little tin of paints, and got painting.

I don't currently have a watercolour palette, so I have the colours I use most in an old tin. The paints are mostly very old, and were second hand. They still work just fine though. I use aqua brushes (mine are from Pentel) as then I don't need to worry about having a pot of water for dipping and washing my brushes. I also find aqua brushes a bit easier to control.

I use the lid of the tin I store my paints in as a mixing palette. I always think palettes look almost like an artwork in themselves. 

Painting outdoors was a lovely experience, with bees buzzing around me, birds singing, and flowers bobbing gently in the breeze. I should definitely do it more often! I sat on a cushion on the floor so I could get really close to what I wanted to paint, and I felt so immersed in nature.

This was the result of an hour of painting. Not bad considering how long it had been since I last used watercolour! I had to stop at this point because it was so hot that I was starting to get dizzy-if I'm going to make a habit of painting outdoors I'm going to have to invest in a sun hat.

I like how layers of colour can be built up. I think this makes watercolour a great medium for painting flowers, which often have several very subtly different shades of the same colour.

It was also great for getting the slightly darker edges of this leaf. This quick little watercolour session really re-ignited my interest in painting, and I've done a few more watercolour pieces since, so expect more art posts soon! 

Have you ever tried watercolour?


  1. Wow I love the colours in the flower, you've done a great job. I haven't used watercolours for such a long while, actually since I left school. We had a teacher that just really put me off art and drawing which is a shame. Maybe one day i'll get back into it!

    1. Thank you so much! I had a great art teacher at school but when I went to a different sixth form I had a similar experience-a really negative teacher who put me off for years. It's only in the last year I've started getting back into it really. I think it helps that now there's no pressure to work in a certain style or anything.

  2. Some gorgeous artwork there!
    Watercolour is something I just couldn't get my head around in school and college. I am much more of a sketching kind of girl. Perhaps some day I will try again!

    Tamsyn-Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear

    1. Thank you! I'm usually more of a sketching girl too, but I find I can use the aqua brushes almost like brush pens and then it's a lot easier :)