Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mermaid Sea Glass Style Seashell Bracelet

Sometime last year I picked up a very cheap necklace in a charity shop-I think it was about 50p-because I loved the sea glass effect beads on it. I didn't love them on the necklace though-it was big and chunky and just not my style. So I took all the beads off, and then I forgot about them for a long time. Going on a spending ban earlier this year and trying to clear stuff out has put me on a craft stash busting kick, so I re-discovered the beads recently and decided to make a simple bracelet with them.

This bracelet was made by simply threading the beads onto some clear beading elastic and then tying the ends securely. Because of the shapes of the beads they slot together neatly.
I think the finished bracelet is very pretty, and it has already been worn more than the original necklace ever would have been. It fits perfectly with my love of mermaids and the seaside, and my determination to inject some mermaid influences into my wardrobe this summer. I really love the colours of the beads and the gorgeous sea glass look, but they are actually plastic so very light to wear. Plus I still have lots of beads left over for another project! 


  1. Ooh, this is so lovely! What unique beads, they look exactly like seaglass!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I was so happy to find them. They were in a weird charity shop near my house which sells a very odd selection of things and really doesn't look very inviting, so it shows you never know what you'll find! I did give them a good wash before using them though...

  2. I thought they were glass. I love the beads. I think they'd look great with faux pearls if you're thinking of another idea for the extras.