Friday, May 22, 2015

Felting at Bristol Hackspace

Back in April I went to a skillshare workshop in wet felting at Bristol Hackspace. I'd been thinking that I wanted to try wet felting after starting needle felting this year, and luckily a link to the event popped up on my twitter feed. Skillshares are just that-someone sharing a skill they have learned with others. They are not always professional teachers, just people who want to share their skill and passion. Because the workshops run by Hackspace are skillshares, they're very affordable. Normally the price of a workshop and materials would be more than I could easily justify, so I was really really happy to find this.

 We started out by making a sheet of felt, building up wool roving in layers and then wetting and agitating it to make the fibres start meshing together. 

I was thinking of mermaid colours (which I doubt will surprise anyone) so I made a blue, green and purple felt sheet which I thought was reminiscent of water and seaweed. I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

I really liked the texture on the back of the felt sheet too.

Next we learned how to make 3D felted objects, which involved similar techniques but working in layers around a plastic template. We each made a small felted bowl as an example, but this technique could also be used to make shoes, hats, and so on. My bowl turned out quite pebble shaped which I like, and the colours were inspired by the earth and the sky.

The teacher for this skillshare was great and really helped everyone grasp the basic techniques. She also donated a lot of her own materials which was very kind. The informal set up and the fact we were sharing materials meant everyone ended up chatting, and it felt quite relaxed and friendly, which was awesome! This skillshare was exactly what I wanted-a good basic introduction to wet felting, which will allow me to work on bigger and more ambitious felting projects in my own time. Wet felting is definitely something I want to try again, I just need to order a lot more roving!

You can find out more about Bristol Hackspace and upcoming skillshares on their website-

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  1. I love it, and I have never heard of this before it looks great!! Really nice choice of colors I must say ^_^
    Jade xx

  2. Those are just lovely. My grandma taught me how to wet felt when I was a kid and I enjoyed it very much.
    The flat sheet ended up becoming the cat's bed, as she loved sitting on it so much and I didn't have the heart to try and stop her!
    xx Katie.