Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Review: Dr Bronner's Magic Soap Rose Castile Soap

I've been trying to only buy "natural" (as in paraben free, with natural ingredients) skincare products for a while now, as I feel like they agree better with my very sensitive skin. One of the things I've been meaning to try for ages is castile soap, a multi-purpose soap with very few ingredients, but I never seemed to find it in high street shops. So I was very happy to receive a small bottle of Dr Bronner's Magic Soap Hemp Rose Pure Castile Soap as a Christmas present!

It took me a while to get around to using it, as I like to use up products completely before moving on to the next. But I have now been using Dr Bronner's Hemp Rose Castile Soap in the shower for about 3 weeks, and I absolutely love it! 

It's very different from more widespread shower gels and liquid soaps. For a start, it really is a liquid. It doesn't have the gel-like consistency of a lot of shower gels and liquid soaps, it is pretty much the consistency of water. I don't mind this at all and I feel like it makes the soap go further, but it might take a little getting used to. It also doesn't lather into a mass of foam, as it doesn't contain any foaming agents. It still produces a pleasant amount of bubbles though, and soap doesn't actually need to lather to have a cleaning effect. 

I have been using the Hemp Rose Castile Soap to wash my body and face, in place of my usual bar soap and face wash. I really like that this is a multi-purpose product and that I could wash myself head-to-toe with it if I so wished. I have noticed that since I started using it my skin hasn't had the tight, dry feeling that I usually experienced after getting out of the shower. I've also had less dry skin and less redness on my face (although I do also use a moisturiser after showering so that could be contributing to this). I still feel like the Castile Soap cleans effectively despite how mild and gentle it is, and it has a gorgeous scent which makes me smell really good! This soap is scented with natural rose, which is one of my favourite scents and has a much earthier, more heady smell than synthetic rose fragrances. 

The natural, organic and eco-friendly credentials of Dr Bronner's Magic Soap are pretty amazing. The bottles are recycled and recyclable, most of the ingredients in the soap are certified Fair Trade, several of the ingredients are organic, and the brand is cruelty free and Leaping Bunny certified. The soap contains only a few ingredients which are all natural, with no parabens or synthetic nasties. A little of this soap goes a long way-I had the smallest size bottle (59 ml) and it lasted me for 3 weeks of showering most days. It's also fairly reasonably priced-the 59 ml bottle retails for £1.99 on their website. To be honest the only thing about this product which I was confused by were the religious messages printed on one half of the label-but they are nothing offensive, and after reading the story of the original Dr Bronner it made a lot more sense.

I am really impressed by this soap and I love how mild it is. I feel like I've found a product which really works with my skin, rather than against it. I don't think there's any going back now, I will definitely be buying more of this!

You can check out the Dr Bronner's website to see their full product range-they do a range of soaps with different scents, as well as balms, shaving gels and lip balms. 

*This is not a sponsored post. I was given this soap as a gift by a family member and decided to do a review as I liked it so much. This review is based only on my own experience of the product, and other people's skin may react differently to the product. Please consult an expert or a doctor before using products containing essential oils, as some people can be allergic, and they are not suitable for pregnant women.*


  1. This looks really good! I'm very into natural products and the majority of my skin care routine is completely natural (I use honey as a face mask, apple cider vinegar to wash my face, jojoba to moisturise) which gets me a lot of funny comments but I think it's so important for our health and the environment! Lovely post!

    1. Thanks! Your skincare routine sounds amazing, I agree that using things which are as natural as possible is really important!

  2. Recently I just purchased a medium-sized bottle of Dr Bronner's "Baby" Unscented Soap - I really wanted to purchase the Rose because I love it but went ahead with the unscented, as I will be mixing in essential oils to make personalized scents (: What a nice review, I didn't know that was the reason behind the interesting labels!