Monday, May 19, 2014

"Off The Canvas": The Collective

When visiting the Off the Canvas exhibition at UWE last week, I was enchanted by The Collective's display of tiny paper houses.

The Collective is made up of Alex Christian, Bethan Wegener, Emma Forbes, Georgina Millard, Hein Yang and Kim Chung. They are inspired by "old folk and Celtic lore" and use a lot of recycled materials. Many of the houses were made from recycled book pages.

The folk lore influence was very visible, and the pieces had a magical, whimsical quality to them.

The fairy tale feeling was further emphasised by The Collective's choice to photograph their work in a bluebell wood. It conjured up thoughts of tiny fairy villages, The Borrowers and so on.

    I've been in a fairy tale mood recently and have been enjoying photographing things in the woods                                           myself, so I really appreciated and enjoyed this work.

I could see this kind of work being used in many ways-either as an installation which people could walk amongst,

as art objects for people to have in their homes, photographed and used as illustration for a story...

I also thought these ivy leaves made from old book pages were absolutely stunning. Overall it was a really beautiful piece of work which also evoked a very strong atmosphere and invited storytelling. I'll be eagerly awaiting what The Collective come up with next.
 Off the Canvas is at F Block gallery, UWE Bower Ashton Campus, Bristol. 


  1. I don't think I ever did thank you for this wonderful review. You really understood where we were coming from. Many thanks, The Collective.