Monday, February 23, 2015

Review: Dragonfly Tea

I drink a lot of tea while I'm crafting, as I find it gives just enough of a wake up boost without the jittery loss of concentration I can get from having too much coffee. I always enjoy finding new teas to try, so when an opportunity to review a selection of Dragonfly Tea came up, I jumped at the chance!

Dragonfly Tea is a family run, UK based artisan tea company. They chose the name and logo of the dragonfly because it is "a symbol of purity, vitality and harmony throughout the world... Dragonflies love sunshine, warmth and clear, pure water. We believe the same elements are required for creating a truly fine cup of tea." 

All of their packaging is decorated with a beautiful image of a dragonfly in flight, from the watercolour images on the boxes of teabags to the embossed designs on the tins of loose leaf tea. Personally I love the logo and the attention to detail in the packaging. It really makes the tea seem special and luxurious.

I was sent a gorgeous tin (I love the teal colour!) of Dragonfly Tea Jasmine Dragon Pearls, a mixture of green tea and jasmine flowers. Jasmine tea has been a favourite of mine for years, but I could tell from the first sip that this was an extremely high quality tea and much better than any I had tasted before. The Jasmine Dragon Pearls open out when hot water is poured onto them, which looked especially captivating in my glass teapot. The tea is extremely fragrant, with a strong hint of jasmine flowers. It has a clean and sophisticated taste, the fresh taste of green tea and the more heady jasmine taste blend together perfectly. I find this tea very refreshing and a great pick me up. 

I was also sent some boxes of tea bags, including this Cape Malay Chai. The Cape Malay Chai is an organic spiced rooibos, something I had never tried before. I must admit that I'm not normally a fan of rooibos, but the addition of the chai spices makes for a delicious combination. This tea has a delicate spicy flavour, with a hint of honey. It's caffeine free, so I like to have this in the evenings as a relaxing drink while I indulge in my guilty pleasure of crafting in bed.

Another little detail I liked about the tea bags was that they have little philosophical messages on the tags. It's such a sweet touch.

The second loose leaf tea I was sent was the Luxury Leaf Bai Mudan White China Tea. The Bai Mudan has a wonderful scent and taste which reminds me of freshly cut grass. It is subtle, slightly earthy and had hints of nutty flavour. It's very refreshing and I think it would be great for hotter days.

The second box of tea bags I was sent was the Indian Spiced Chai, an organic black tea with spices. I am a big fan of chai so I was excited about this one! The Indian Spiced Chai smells divine, both in the box and when brewed. It has a subtle spicy flavour which is warm and comforting, but the taste of black tea also comes through. I really liked the intensity of the flavour-it wasn't too overpowering, but was still complex. I have tried this tea with and without milk, and personally I prefer it without. It has already become one of my favourite teas, and I like to drink it in the afternoon while taking a few minutes to relax.

I was extremely happy with all the teas I tried, from the beautiful packaging to the delicious and intriguing scents and tastes of the teas themselves. The tea bags are great for when I want to grab a cup quickly, and the loose leaf teas make for a calming and inspiring ritual when I have more time. I also think the loose leaf teas would make lovely gifts, especially as the packaging is so pretty.
I would definitely recommend Dragonfly Tea if you are a tea lover! 

To order teas, find out more about Dragonfly Tea, or see a list of stockists, you can visit the Dragonfly Tea website here:

Links to the teas I tried: 

*Disclosure: I was sent these teas for free by Dragonfly Teas. I did not have to say nice things about them, and all opinions are my own. I am not a professional tea taster so the teas may taste differently to you.*


  1. Hehe I love drinking tea while crafting too! These look so good, especially the Indian Chai! ^^

    1. The Indian Chai is my favourite I think, it has such a comforting taste! I want to experiment with making chai latte with it and I'm also thinking it might be nice to soak cake ingredients in, maybe dried fruits :)

  2. Sorry this is a little off topic but the wool you are knitting with in this is absolutely gorgeous!! Do you remember what it was called? Thanks :)

    1. It's King Cole Riot Chunky in the colour Potash :)

  3. I seem to end up drinking a lot of tea, especially white and fruity ones when i'm crafting too! Always love finding new tea companies and flavors!

    1. I really like fruity teas too! Yes it's fun finding new ones, I have a long list of teas I want to try next :)