Sunday, February 01, 2015

OOTD: Black and Blue

There are some days when, even though I have no reason to leave the house, I still want to wear something pretty. Such a day occurred last week, when I managed to successfully pin curl my hair for the first time! I was so besotted with my curls that I couldn't stop touching them (as you can probably tell from these photos). I felt like they needed an outfit that would do them justice, rather than my usual 3000 layers of knitwear (living in an attic is cold, ok?). 

So out came a trusty black satin prom style dress, which I paired with cute dotty tights. 

I love how my hair looks against this gorgeous blue cardigan, so that went on as well. It's an old H&M sale find, I like the black floral detailing on the front and the vintage-y shape. I also wore a vintage bracelet with black enamel, to match the colour scheme.

On my feet went my current obsession, my new boots! They are from H&M Kids-the benefit of having small feet! They are cosy and comfortable and I love them. 

So overall, a comfy but cute outfit for a day at home. I like the combination of poofy dress and boots, so that will be happening again, and I want to have pin curls ALL THE TIME now.

Outfit details: 
Cardigan-H&M (old)
Dress-Charity shop
Boots-H&M Kids


  1. Love the boots! I'm a bit obsessed with boots as well.

    1. They are just so comfortable and warm! And they go with pretty much everything!

  2. I love your curls and your outfit. The blue and black go so well together and I see you have had another find in a charity shop with your dress!

    Good luck with your new blog.


    1. Thanks Rebecca! I've had the dress for a while now, it's done very well, especially considering I got it for £1!