Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Illuminate 2015 Light Projection Event in Bath

Last week I went to an amazing light projection show called Illuminate 2015. Bath Spa University students had worked with artists to create large scale light installations, which were projected onto some of the historic buildings in Bath city centre.

The entrance of the Roman Baths was lit up with Elastic City Spacey by Leila Sujir, an interesting projection which could be viewed through 3D glasses! It had footage of strutting peacocks, images of falling peacock feathers, and tumbling coins, taken from images of the Beau Street Hoard, which reminded me of an arcade game. I did take a peek through the 3D glasses and it looked like the coins and feathers were right in front of my face-very effective.

Around the corner was Symphony of Light, by Anthony Head, Diego Garcia de Enterria Diaz and Elena Saenz de la Torre Loras. This was an interactive visual and musical instrument, which on the night we went was in the form of an interactive game. It was very clever!

The famous Pulteney Bridge was home to Flat Georgians, by Petra Freeman and Tim Rolt. The projection had been created with drawings from local primary school children, and it was quite bizarre and entertaining! It reminded me a little of the story of the Twelve Dancing Princesses, with all the processions of dancing ladies in long dresses.

I have saved the best for last in my opinion. The Roman Baths played host to my favourite installation of Illuminate 2015, Only the Statues Remain by Will Kendrick. 

The Great Bath was illuminated with coloured lights which really highlighted the steam rising into the chilly air.

There were glass boxes with projection of different Roman statues and artefacts around the edge of the Great Bath, and also projections onto the water! It gave a fascinating effect.

The projections also extended to the building itself.

The combination of the beautiful, ancient building and the intriguing lights and projections made for an awe inspiring, magical experience.

I really enjoyed Illuminate 2015, and I'm so happy that events like this are put on. Illuminate 2015 was also free to visit, which I think is wonderful. Free events like this are a great way of getting a wider audience to take an interest in the art.

For more information you can visit

Illuminate 2015 is now over, but keep an eye on the website for next year's events!


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