Friday, July 18, 2014

Meadow Sweet, Woodland Deep

Way back when the bluebells were still blooming, I went for a little walk with a friend and her beautiful collies.

 (photo property of Becky Steward)

It was one of those shimmering hot days where it feels like the heat is slowly melting your bones, so we took shelter in some cool and shady woodland.

(photo property of Becky Steward)

The dogs enjoyed splashing in the muddy streams. The water was low and moving slowly thanks to the heat.

I found ferns and pine cones and interesting trees to photograph, the perfect reference points for future projects.

I felt like a faery in my butterfly dress, although the wellies ruined the illusion a little! (The dress is a children's dress from Primark, I just altered the straps to make it fit me.)

After a few tranquil moments in the woods, it was back to the house for ice cold elderflower cordial in the sunshine. Wonderful, and much needed!


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