Saturday, May 17, 2014

"Off the Canvas": Sam Cox

Sam Cox's artwork can't help but captivate you. It's so full of energy!

Much of Sam's display consisted of household items and furniture covered in his drawings.

Almost every inch was covered with his stylised, whimsical drawings of imaginary creatures and scenarios.

There is so much going on in Sam's pictures that it takes a while to pick out individual elements. From a distance it can look like a random pattern. It reminds me of those magic eye books where you had to squint to see a picture! I quite like that aspect though, it makes you really look at the drawings.

Once you do really look, you realise just how much detail is in the work. It really is amazing.

I liked the application of the drawings to the furniture and homewares and I could definitely see Sam's drawings being used for interior design and maybe printed textiles. A friend I was with commented that if furniture with Sam's drawings printed onto it was available, he'd decorate his entire house with it! 

If you want to see more of his work, Sam Cox has a youtube channel, and a website.

Off the Canvas was at F Block Gallery, UWE Bower Ashton Campus.


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