Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Off the Canvas": Ellice Weaver

                     One of the artist's work I saw at "Off the Canvas" was that of Ellice Weaver

Ellice makes comics which examine the misery and darkness of everyday life, in a surreal and black humoured way. 

The project she had on display was a series of comics about characters from different areas of Bristol and the stories that are going on behind closed doors on ordinary streets. The stories all interlink and are all fairly bizarre, yet believable.

Ellice delves behind the facades of people and buildings to conjure up stories of spirit chickens, meat obsessed vegan cafe workers, lonely people obsessed with their pets, and giant mouthed vegetable salesmen. Her drawing style fits perfectly with the surreal and strange subject matter-I particularly like the facial expressions she gives her characters! She makes all her characters look very pale and like they barely go outside-a bit like plants deprived of sunlight. Her use of lots of very similar shades of pastel colours gives an almost hallucinatory effect.

                Her display was great and had lots of 3D models of things from her comics. It was          very inventive, and the fruit stall theme linked in to her fruit and veg seller character from her                  Bedminster comics.

                                                   I even got to touch the spirit chicken!

If you'd like to see more of Ellice's work, you can check out her blog, her facebook page and a video she made, or if you'd like to buy some of her work she has an etsy shop and produces custom comics.

Off the Canvas is at F Block gallery, UWE Bower Ashton Campus, Bristol. 


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