Thursday, March 13, 2014

Handmade Skyrim Blanket

     I finally managed to get some more photos of the Skyrim blanket I made for my brother for Christmas. I was really happy with how this project turned out, and it fits in with my brother's blue                                                                     bedroom really well. 

He's a gamer and likes the Elder Scrolls games, so this was a good present for him. Skyrim is particularly personal to us, as my brother taught me to play it (and laughed hysterically at me while                                                                               doing so).

The construction of this blanket was actually very simple, it was just very time consuming! I already had a piece of blue velvet I wanted to use for it, so the size was already decided, based on the length of the piece of velvet. I used a viscose rayon velvet, which is very luxurious feeling, without the massive price tag of silk. I felt the dark blue colour would make a good background for the pale, sparkly constellations.

I looked up google images of completed Skyrim talent trees, which are shown in the game as constellations-a really great piece of game design.  I sketched out each talent tree on some paper, and then placed pins into the fabric in the talent tree shapes. I did originally try to mark the fabric with tailors chalk, but because of the deep pile I found it kept rubbing off. The pins were more successful. I then did simple backstitches in white embroidery thread, placing iridescent sequins and a small glass bead where each star needed to be.

Once all of the talent trees/constellations were embroidered and embellished, I trimmed all the loose threads, placed the velvet and a piece of blue crepe de chine right sides together, and machine stitched around the edge, leaving a 1.5cm seam allowance. I left a small hole on one edge, which allowed me to turn the blanket right side out, and then stitched this closed with tiny hand stitches. The finished product was a pretty fancy blanket! I'd envisioned my brother using this to keep warm while gaming, but I think it's something he can keep when he's older and use as a throw or even a wall hanging.

I fell rather in love with this myself and really want to make some more constellation style pieces! I also have an order from my love for another Skyrim blanket, as he is also a gamer and a Skyrim fan. This time I want to try getting a galaxy effect on the background fabric, and maybe using metallic threads. I've seen some great galaxy fabric tutorials online, which involve spraying bleach and fabric paint onto black or dark coloured fabric. I just can't wait for some sunnier weather so I can mess around with fabric outside!