Saturday, February 01, 2014

Yixing Teapot

Since following a couple of tea-themed blogs on tumblr, I have been lusting after Yixing teapots. I've always admired them, especially after working in a museum specialising in East Asian objects, and had even bought a very tiny one a few years ago. But I found myself yearning for a more functional, generously sized one. I told myself that I already had too many teapots, and after browsing a few Yixing teapots online, that they were also well out of my price range.

Of course, then the second hand gods had to go and place the most beautiful Yixing teapot, of the perfect size, with a lovely bamboo pattern, right in one of my local charity shops. And then I had to go on a trip to the post office, and had a little look in said charity shop on my way. I can only come to the conclusion that it was fate. 

It has to be one of the most gorgeous things I own. It is also, fortunately, among the cheapest. It was the very reasonable price of £5.

It also came with six lovely little cups and saucers. Perfect for a tea party. Of course, this new acquisition does mean that I'll have to get rid of some of the teapots I already owned...


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