Friday, May 16, 2014

"Off the Canvas" at UWE

A couple of days ago I went to Off the Canvas - Illustration second year exhibition at the University of the West of England. There was some amazing work on display!

This was Shy-bot, a small robot like figure who was fitted with a sensor, so that if you moved close to him he cowered away. He was supposed to represent the increased isolation and social awkwardness that has come as a result of the internet.

I found the bold drawings of Sam Cox very striking, and applying them to furniture and crockery was an interesting approach.

This colander helmet by Jack A. Wilson Illustration was wonderfully whimsical.

These lino prints by Thomas Hamilton were beautiful! I've been working with lino printing myself recently, so I could really appreciate the quality of these.

These felt bones by Tabitha Panter were both cute and intriguing.

Ellice Weaver's rather brilliant fruit and veg stall held unexpectedly dark and surreal comics laced with black humour.

The Collective (Alex Christian, Bethan Wegener, Emma Forbes, Georgina Millard, Hsin Yang and Kim Chung) had created a village of tiny illuminated paper houses, with a magical, fairy tale feel.

Ben Farquhar had produced graphic line-work on wooden skateboards. I liked the almost origami-like style of the squirrels on the middle board.

A group of hanging papier mache pods were decorated with intricate patterns, bold portraits, thought provoking words and fresh flowers. These were made by Frejya Moon Beaufoy-Jones, Millie Duffey, Sara Tillyer-Smith, and Joshua Nate Cook. 

I liked the bold simplicity of these paper pyramids by Jessie Lou Illustration-the typography on them is great too.

I really enjoyed the exhibition and thought the work on display was of a really high standard. It is exciting to see so many young and talented illustrators! I liked that there were so many interactive pieces, and also such a wide range of materials and media used. It kept it interesting and really reinforced that art can be created in so many ways and from so many sources of inspiration.

There was a lot more work which I didn't get chance to photograph, and a lot of the pieces need to be viewed from several angles to be properly appreciated, so if you are in the Bristol area I really recommend popping in to see this exhibition. It is at F Block gallery, UWE Bower Ashton Campus, Bristol. If you can't make it, I'm going to be doing a few more detailed posts on individual illustrators from the exhibition, so look out for those!


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