Saturday, February 15, 2014


A couple of weeks ago I took my boyfriend to Mshed in Bristol, to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. The exhibition was wonderful, with some especially beautiful photographs in the Young Photographer category. We couldn't take any pictures inside the exhibition, but we could photograph the amazing views from the Mshed balcony!

After the exhibition we had a quick look around the rest of the museum. I loved these pottery rabbit figures, which were made by a local firm, Pountneys Potteries, in 1959. 

I always like to look through the tiny windows, filled with toy boats, towards the real boats in the harbour.

There were lots of props from the nearby Aardman's "Curse of the Were-Rabbit", which I found fascinating. They were so small!

This gun and chainsaw were very detailed. 

There was a tiny pram, which was like the one I had as a child!

This incredible carved door used to be on display at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, and I've always liked it. It is shown off to its full advantage at Mshed, with very sympathetic lighting.

This is my favourite painting of Bristol, I love the light and all the people in the foreground. Plus it shows one of my favourite places, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, and the very beautiful Wills Memorial Tower.

My previous visits to Mshed had been alone, and visiting with someone else was an interesting experience. My boyfriend found some things I had never noticed before, like these bullets which were found in Baldwin Street.

Mshed's location makes for some brilliant harbour views, and I found the boats and cranes outside as interesting as the objects inside.

If you have chance I would really recommend visiting the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition before it closes on the 23rd. I've been very impressed with the quality of the photography exhibitions I have seen so far at Mshed, and the museum in general is very well curated and displayed. Definitely worth a visit.


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