Monday, February 17, 2014

Lock and Key Necklace

I've been dabbling in making jewellery again recently, and made myself this lock and key necklace. I got the charms online, and I like the antiqued effect they have. I've always been fascinated by old fashioned keys and locks, and I really like them as a design motif.

I added some little glass heart beads I found in a charity shop, as I felt the soft mauve colour looked pretty with the brass colour of the keys and locks. I am really pleased with how this necklace turned out and have worn it quite a few times already. I think it could be worn with several different styles of clothing for different effects-the brass colour and padlocks would work with steampunk, it also has the antique look required for dolly kei, and the abundance of charms and beads works with more bohemian styles too. I'm hoping to use this necklace in some future outfit posts, as by chance I have made and bought clothing recently which looks really good with this brass colour. I go through phases with colours and preferences, and at the moment aged metal, earthy colours, and a sort of antique/fantasy style is appealing to me.


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