Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Walk

My boyfriend and I went for a walk. The weather was sunny and there were some welcome signs of spring, like these pretty catkins.

While photographing this game trail I caught sight of a deer running through the bushes! I was vvery happy as deer are one of my favourite animals. It was a blink and you'll miss it moment though, so unfortunately I didn't have chance to take a picture.

The recent heavy rains meant that every field was zigzagged with small ephemeral streams, which were draining off into a larger stream. There was a constant sound of trickling water.

I love walking beside streams, I find the sound of water very soothing and I like dipping my feet into the shallows.

There were signs of new life everywhere. Arum lilies were unfurling their leaves.

Little green shoots were poking up through the soil.

Celandine buds looked ready to burst.

On my last visit to these woods there were autumn leaves everywhere and the predominant colour was yellow. This time everything was a vibrant green.

This rotting tree had some interesting textures and shapes.

Colourful graffitti contrasted with the natural greens and browns of the landscape.

This tree reminds me of the work of Barbara Hepworth. It looked especially beautiful with all the moss growing on it and the sunshine glowing through it's holes.

These strange fungi were intriguing. I liked the maroon colour and the chalky looking texture.

It was wonderful to see blue skies.

We saw signs of more deer. One of the hoof prints was much smaller than the other, perhaps a mother walking with her fawn.

The late afternoon sunshine made everything glow.

I was pleased to see some daffodils and the first blossom of the year.

These sheep were so wooly! And completely disinterested in us.

This donkeymobile made me laugh. I'm not entirely sure why.

This stream had lots of pieces of broken terracotta in it. I liked the mix of colours.

Carefully planted rows of trees made a contrast to the previous wood.

More signs of man's influence-a pile of rotting timber and shattered glass. I'm assuming this was some kind of greenhouse or terrarium at some point.

A single pane of perfect glass lay on the ground.

It made for a strange contrast, with the natural leaves and twigs trapped beneath something associated with industry. Rather beautiful though.

There were more signs of deer. We seemed to be unintentionally following them.

We arrived at our favourite pine forest as the sun was starting to set. An amazing, orange tinged light was cast over everything. 

The setting sun added to the magical, fairy tale feeling of this place.

Tiny Owl had come with me in my backpack and enjoyed sitting on this tree stump.

I can't wait to go back to this forest for a fantasy inspired photoshoot. I have lots of things planned!

We stumbled across some piles of logs, which reminded me that I really need to make something with my amazing Ikea Margareta fabric. I always find log piles very beautiful, and strangely nostalgic. I spent so much of my childhood in houses with log burning fires, and the log pile in our woodshed was a familiar and comforting sight.

I have been hoping to spot some snowdrops for weeks, so I was extremely happy to come across this entire bank of them, just before it got dark.

It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon and I am very inspired now! As I write this I can hear rain tapping at the window, and there is apparently the possibility of snow later in the week. Hopefully these pictures of a sunny afternoon, and working on some creative projects inspired by the beautiful flowers and leaves I saw, will get me through any grey days to come.


  1. That's a shame about missing the deer but the photos are so charming!
    How funny that you're welcoming Spring and I'm so happy to see signs of Autumn :)