Thursday, January 23, 2014

January Walk

The first walk of 2014, a fairly simple one on a cycle path to ease back into things. There was a reminder that Spring is on its way in the from of some early primroses. I love primroses, they are so simple but so delicate and pretty. We saw a beautiful house which looked like a castle. Nature kindly obliged my current obsession with mushrooms-I don't know where it has come from or why, but the last week I haven't been able to stop drawing and making them! It was good to see some real ones and I think having looked at their structure and texture will help with any future fungi themed creations. The highlight of the day for me was finding a reservoir which has blue green algae in it, so had turned this incredible seafoam colour. It looked so wonderful and whimsical, and I especially liked seeing the reflection of the clouds in it.


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