Monday, January 06, 2014

All of the Lights

Last night I went to the Light To Light installation at the Holburne Museum. They have a different light installation every winter now, and I think it is a wonderful tradition to brighten up the winter months and take advantage of the darkness. This year's installation was done by lighting designer and artist Patrick Woodroffe, and focused mainly on illuminating the Holburne building itself. Glowing LED lamps covered the garden and bathed the modern extension in coloured light. There was also the option of having headphones to listen to a soundtrack by Matt Clifford. I chose not to have headphones as I don't really like having things in my ears, and there was a £3 charge for them.

Overall I thought it was very beautiful and exciting to look at, although I still prefer the alien flower effect of the Bruce Munro installation from a few years ago. It started raining heavily towards the end of our visit, but it was still a lovely outing, as we got to enjoy the lights making our umbrella glow! I am really glad I made the trip and can't wait to see what new installation the Holburne come up with next year.


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