Monday, November 04, 2013

Rainy Fireworks

Last night I went over to my mum's house for the annual Bonfire Night celebrations, which have become somewhat of a tradition. There was just one was pouring with rain. We ate lots of pizza, soup and various chocolate-y treats while praying it would end, but it was still raining stair rods by the time we'd eaten.

My boyfriend and brother were undeterred and managed to light a tiny bonfire, sheltered from the elements by an upturned wheel barrow. 

Then it was time for the fireworks. Or at least, the fireworks which had not been reduced to literal damp squibs. The ones which did ignite were very pretty! As there are a lot of pets around, including ducks in a hutch in the garden, my family only has the small Roman candle type of fireworks, but they are still exhilarating.

My favourite thing of all was, as always, the sparklers!


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